1. Larry Chance
  2. My good friends through the years...The Chantels!
  3. With the great Jimmy Clanton!
  4. My Boys
  5. At My Recording Session
  6. With the great Pittsburgh radio personality,Porky Chedwick.
  7. With one of my all time friends,Bobby Hendricks of The Drifters.
  8. Rushed to the gig
  9. With the Jordanaires
  10. Jimmy Beaumont of The Skyliners
  11. With Frankie Lymon's Teenagers
  12. One of my best groups and great guys!
  1. With Fred Parris
  2. "The Greatest" Johnny Maestro
  3. An early show with Bowzer
  4. Little Anthony
  5. Bobby Jay
  6. The great Eugene Pitt
  7. Herb Reed of The Platters
  8. Charlie Thomas of the Drifters
  9. A great time rockin' in The UK....
  10. Sometimes I just like to create music...
  11. My wonderful Bass singer Bill Pron